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12th December 2018
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Out with ’18 & in with 2019

What can we do better in 2019? What will our resolutions be for the New Year and how long will they last?


Learn that football is a commitment from August to May. 


Coaches coach, players play and referees referee. Let them do their jobs with respect.


Get your admin under control. Many teams have never been fined. While in Sunday football mode, get all your jobs done.

Two players can be signed on the day for league games. Make sure this is done BEFORE the game and counter-signed by the opposing Secretary.

At the conclusion of the game and you have finished your sheet, scan it to Phippsy & Bob. Not me, Keith or any other officer!

Make sure all sections are fully filled out. It’s £10 a fault, or £30 maximum. Why cost yourselves money?

If you mark the referee 60 or below it is a requirement for you to submit a report. The scoring system is required by the FA, not Essex.

Just because the referee may give a last minute penalty, send someone off or allow a contentious goal to stand, it does not mean they suddenly have had a “shocker” all game. Be fair and judge on their overall contribution to the game, that’s what the system is all about.


Are there to protect all the teams that manage to do everything on time. Why should they be disadvantaged by all those who try to circumvent the rules?  Therefore the best month for us would be one where there are no fines issued. The money does not go to us, we’d rather you didn’t attract fines, but what else can we do to make it right?


There are no favourites, we give EVERY team an equal and fair opportunity to compete. That’s why we have a Committee who sit on all decisions so that we can evaluate every detail and come to a balanced and correct outcome.


Referees do their very best to control games according to the best of their abilities. Trust them to do what they feel is best for the actual game taking place. They can blow their whistle every 30 seconds or every 30 minutes…..you decide!  What is not under consideration are the laws of the game. Do not expect those to be ignored. Violent conduct, spitting, mass confrontations, surrounding the referee should all be dealt with and the consequences could be severe. Take a breath, step away and think.

Football is not the most important thing in our lives, but it does play a significant part in our make-up. We’ve lost a few dear departed friends in 2018 so we will raise a glass in their memory as the year draws to a close. Whatever you do in the second half of the season make sure we make them proud and be true to yourselves. Success comes with hard work and dedication……and a little bit of luck!!!

Best wishes from all at the ESFC

Bob, Roger, Joe, Paul, Billy, Jim, Keith, Barrie, Mark & Don

Served as Chairman of Aventis, Senior/Division One team. ESFC Vice-Chairman (until 2009) & from 2017- Essex County FA Referee & Referees Association member.

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