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17th February 2018
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29th March 2018
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In trouble?

There are a few teams looking at their potential schedules and wondering where they will fit in the games. Today, I am basking in sunshine, balmy temperatures and soft ground, all of which are perfect for our game. How many games therefore are we actually witnessing today? Answer is NONE.

It may only be one week, but we have already lost a few due to the weather since December. It may only be ONE game, but it might be an important one for a team chasing promotion, relegation or cup success.

The games this week were called off on Tuesday and Wednesday way before the forecasters had a chance to stick their heads out of the ivory towers of doom. Here in the UK we have no idea how to cope with inclement weather. Can’t see it coming, can’t see it going and the weather history of our fine country shows us we just need to be prepared, that’s all. Just be on standby for the unexpected and deal with it.

Now we have a packed schedule of important games, where some teams will be complaining they cannot complete, but just remember today. Managing the situation was out of the leagues hands for a change and it got cocked up.

Next time you are preparing to call off a game six days before the event, just bend an ear to what happened today and remind yourself that this is England, remind others who may be unprepared for the unpredicted that anything can happen, especially from one day to the next.

Ironically, in the week that Essex County FA are looking for nominations for Groundsman of the Year, today is a day that most of them will have a point deducted for a low blow, because if they turn up today at their place of work (and why shouldn’t they?) they will be presiding over empty spaces and wasted opportunities. We deserve a bit more than that.

Served as Chairman of Aventis, Senior/Division One team. ESFC Vice-Chairman (until 2009) & from 2017- Essex County FA Referee & Referees Association member.

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