01-10-17 ESFC League Tables

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28th September 2017
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2nd October 2017
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01-10-17 ESFC League Tables

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Served as Chairman of Aventis, Senior/Division One team. ESFC Vice-Chairman (until 2009) & from 2017- Essex County FA Referee & Referees Association member.


  1. John says:

    Joe can you pls let us the rest of the league know why we are now in October and five teams have not even kick a ball yet sorry to ask pitches are open now

    • Joe says:

      Thank you John. We have plans in place to assist the teams who have yet to start their campaign. rather than see the clubs fold. Of course, there is a limit to that assistance and your concern is duly noted.
      We will be meeting this Wednesday to go over the League’s business in hand. Announcements will be made in due course.

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