Season 2016-2017

League Honours

Cup Honours

League Honours 2016/17

Senior Division
Winners = Global
Runners Up = Voy Rangers
Division One
Winners = Walthamstow Redstar
Runners Up = Virtue
Division Two
Winners = AC Milano
Runners Up = Old Wymondonians
Division Three
Winners = Royal Albert
Runners Up = Hillford
Division Four
Winners = Rainham Working Mans Res
Runners Up = Esprit

Premier Cup
Winners = Asianos
Runners up = Global
Charlie White Cup
Winners = Asianos
Runners Up = Belfry
Morfey Cup
Winners = Virtue
Runners Up = Abridge Village
J Lizzimore Cup
Winners = AC Milano
Runners Up = Old Wymondonians
Better Cup
Winners = Royal Albert
Runners Up = Recreativo Romford
Thomas Evans Cup
Winners = Sherforce
Runners Up = Barking Hounds

Individual Awards

Golden Boot

Senior = Michael Mignot (West Essex)
First = Jake Clarke (Loughton Town)
Second = Alex Koivio (Old Wymondonians)
Third = Ian Sawyer (Uplands Town)
Fourth = Glen Levy (Larron)

Golden Glove

Senior = Raven Constable (Asianos)
First = Ross Faulds (Virtue)
Second = Ehsan Afzal (AC Milano)
Third = Mark Newman (Hillford)
Fourth = Nial Akata (Barking Colts)

Special Awards

Referee Of The Year = David Sargent
Sportsmanship Award = Cranham Athletic
Referee Merit = Liam Giles
Secretary Of The Year = Phil Curren (West Essex)
Chairman's Award = Damian Clark (Hainault Athlectic)

Welcome to the roll of honour for season 2016-2017

First of all, let me congratulate each and every team on their competitive spirit, which made for many a great competition. To all those who won a trophy, a very well done!  To everyone else, taking part is just one of the benefits and hopefully this new season will reap the rewards of your efforts.