"I have a great team around me and our mission is to create and maintain a healthy competition for each of our member clubs. We have stepped up our efforts to provide the most progressive league and build on our 80 year history. The ESFC has a proud tradition and our management team have decades of experience to call upon in order for us to achieve our goals"

Bob Chesney, League Chairman

Congratulations to Asianos who defeated London St George's 4-0 in the FA Sunday Cup but Manor House defeated - Walthamstow fightback - Belfry go batty - Global find another gear to beat Auto - Fast starting Loughton Athletic edge past Fairlop in thriller - All square in Rainham - Tollgate earn plaudits for the result of the day - Debden make a statement - Loughton Town win battle of top two but South Ilford still unbeaten

Top Scorer


Browring Banging Them In!

Loughton Town striker Nicholas Browring has been whacking them in from all angles this season and leads the way with an extraordinary tally of 22 goals from just nine matches. He needs eight next time out to stretch that to a "hat-trick per game" average. Anyone in a betting mood or will he draw a blank?



Credit Where Due

John Gerard from Larron FC (Division Four) has been running his club for 25 years. Providing a platform for talented players in East London, Larron FC gave stood the test of time and has a passion for the game which is admirable. Often outspoken, there is no denying that he has football matters running through his blood 24 hours a day. We need committed people like John in the game. You get to 25 years because you see through all the negatives just to make sure the game on Sunday goes ahead, often at a high personal cost.

As you may or may not be aware, the ESFC has come to an agreement with the kind people of Aveley FC to hold our Cup Finals at the new home of the Bostik League club.

Since the start of the season we have had a focus on trying to provide the best available stage for our finals. This week we are able to announce a partnership that will see us use the impressive Parkside Stadium.

With enough comfortable seating and areas for your VIP's, the venue seems a fitting place to celebrate the achievement of reaching a cup final

The 3G pitch will mean that a perfect playing surface will be available for EVERY game, making sure the outcome is down to being the best team on the day.

The ESFC/Aveley Cup Final experience will hopefully inspire you all to greater things this season. The lead up to the final will also be celebrated and both teams will feature prominently throughout the week.

All of you still have a chance of getting to a final so we look forward to healthy competition and the "Road to Aveley" starts here

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Bob Chesney

Roger Chilvers

James Brown

Paul Phipps

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION - If I have a query regarding my fixtures, what do I do first? ANSWER - Go to the FA Full-Time website for the ESFC and check there. It is the first point of reference for all match related activity.
QUESTION - I am a referee, where do I see my appointments? ANSWER - You will have been allocated a game and subsequently notified via the FA Full-Time website. You can see all your slots via that website. Clubs have until 8pm the Wednesday before your fixture to confirm details of the match. Please advise the league if this has not happened.
QUESTION - Some details are inaccurate on the website or Full-Time? ANSWER - Contact admin@esfc1937.co.uk or media@esfc1937.co.uk
4Pitch Queries
QUESTION - I have a pitch but not been given a home fixture? ANSWER - We endeavour to make sure games are given to all those clubs with dates but sometimes schedules will not allow us to deal with everything. If you need to speak to the league contact mailto:keith_everett@sky.com in order to offer a solution or request assistance in not losing money or use of the facility. He will do everything he can to ensure that no club is out of pocket. But there are no guarantees of course.

  • 1935Homes Built

    Some 25,000 homes completed in Dagenham. Ford Motor Co. was opened 1930/31
  • 1937Essex Sunday Football Combination formed

    From humble beginnings, the building of Ford Motor Co and the development of the Becontree Estate amongst others.
  • 1939Early Winners

    WWII curtailed a lot of activity and prevented the league from advancing at pace. Any games played featured local services or A.R.P. sides. Records show Brook Old Boys lifted the Division One title.
  • 1946Parks returned for public use

    Sunday football still not recognised by Essex County FA.
  • 1947Premier Cup

    Was won by Coleman United
  • 1955Recognition by Essex County FA

    The league under it's current name was adopted in 1955/56 by having no more than 96 clubs and all within a 10 mile radius of the Civic Centre.
  • 201780 Glorious Years

    The ESFC celebrates it's 80th year, stronger than ever. Rightfully recognised as having great talent and probably amongst the strongest line ups of teams anywhere in Essex. Home of the current Essex Sunday Premier Cup Winners. GLOBAL FC beat Parsloe Athletic 4-3 (AET)
  • 2017-18New Chapter

    Asianos & Manor House enter the FA Sunday Premier Cup The Senior Division is the closest for years.. Every level is reporting an increase in quality. The challenge is on!!


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Running a football team on a Sunday mornings brings many benefits but also it's fair share of problems and issues. Things like late calls, money issues, player problems, pitch issues and many more. Many of us here at the ESFC have run or are still running clubs and know first hand what is required to run teams at ALL levels.
Roger, Bob, Paul & Joe have years of experience to offer their expertise and knowledge whatever the circumstance.
If there is anything troubling you, please get in touch with any of the team and you'll soon have your train back on the tracks.
Too early to be thinking of Cup Finals but they are really the most special of days out. Especially when you can invite family and friends over to watch how well your team has progressed.
This year will be no different and we are warning you in advance that we will require a dossier on your team should your talents and good results carry you through to challenge for a piece of silverware.
These really are days for celebration, win or lose, and we want you to enjoy the day, giving you the memories to treasure for years to come.